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My first posted legacy, so I'm still working out photo and graphic settings, plus I'm apparently funnier in my own head. :nervous:

Like everyone and their mother, I'm in on the legacy_writers founder challenge. Unlike everyone else, the first time round I developed such a sense of loathing for this guy, that I had to start over because, really, you need to love your founder.

Anyway, this is Tristan Harlequin. He is a Romance Leo, who wants nothing more than to be a Professional Slacker Party Guest. I've lost the paper where I wrote down his stats, so I'll add them in later.

Whilst the expression on his face may look like he's already enjoying the company of a neighborhood woman...

... He's actually playing fetch with The Greatest Sim Dog ever - Helios. If it were up to me, this would be a 120-chapter story about Helios' every moment. However, it is not, so we move on.

Evidence that my face and skin defaults are already winning. He was formerly quite fugly. Hai there, newsboy, be prepared for when there are teenagers.

Anyway, this is the Harlequin Legacy Shack. Since my computer craps out with the giant, awesome lots, this is a smaller one. Don't ask me what size because I cannot remember. But hey, Tristan even has a little vegetable patch.

The interior. Thank the Powers that Be for custom content makers who make awesome items that are in the Buy Catalogue for ridiculously low and stupid prices. It makes the first generation so much better.

Le job search! That's The Job Search in French, y'know. And I think 'unemployment' is 'chomage' in French. I only studied the language for four years :shrugs: But I digress. Tristan got a job in the Slacker field first go. He seems to be Winning At Life.

I am always shocked (and disappointed) when the founder's cereal doesn't explode into fire. That would have been hilarious, Maxis. But I don't let my Sims cook anything until 2 Cooking Points.

At least Tristan isn't spearing eggs and roasting them in the microwave. I'm sure we're all grateful for that.

Well, face and skin defaults aren't a miracle cure.

Yikes. Poor bastard.

So, the Welcome Wagon was Old Hooker, Ben 'OMFGNose' Long, A? Bendett and Brandi LeTourneau (who is quite pretty now.)

Despite being a Romance sim, Tristan is not into Old Hookers. He has class, Old Hooker.

Meanwhile, Helios continues to rock.

Depleting your hygiene is hungry work.

Oh, Helios. I have to get you to have puppies so your awesomeness can continue through the generations.

So, we go downtown and hit my personal favorite club, Crypt O' Night, and we meet this happy little soldier. She was more than pleased to let Tristan work as the DJ...

... at which, he managed to both suck and blow at the same time. Lucky for him, he's cute.

She's regretting it. We all are.

If I had the time, I'd breed her with Ben Long-Nose to see what their kids looked like.

Prepare for the winning-at-life.


Since everyone in the club was A. Male, B. Ugly or C. Witnessed his hilarious fail, Tristan was getting the hell out of there.

And at the next place (the Lulu Lounge, I think), we meet Sharlene, who is very cute and Tristan likes her.

It's a shame she'd rather eat her own face than spend time with his ghost-loving ass. Ugh. And I wanted a blonde too :( I never get blonde heirs :pout: Suit yourself Sharlene, if you don't want in on this awesome legacy, well, I'm sure Komei's free.

So he went somewhere new, and caught him doing this. And there was no one next to him. He was doing this at me :stunned: I'm Sim God, damn it.

That, or the wallpaper was sexy. Shame the walls were down.

Tristan was offended I didn't share his love. So he turned to vandalism. :shakes head: It's a slippery slope.

Next on our nightclub tour, we found this hottie. Ashlee Wilkie, who is blonde and very cute, even if she does have an inclination to dark clothes and make up.

They hit it off, thank god. I was getting worried.

Tristan shares the news that that isn't Ben Long's real nose.

Ashlee is clearly shocked someone would pay for that sort of mutilation.

So, Tristan headed home and immediately rolled the want to invite Ashlee over. As you can see, they were happy to see each other. Helios thinks PDAs are undignified.

Guess who's gonna give it away for free?

She moves in with 4k, and gets a cute make over. I'll have a proper picture of her make over next update because I very cleverly have not mastered the art of taking photos. Once I stripped away the fifty thousand layers of make up, she was super cute. She's a Fortune Sim and wants to be a Business Tycoon.

As you can see, Tristan proposed, and he wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

Nekkid Time! They're a Supa! Subtle! couple, really.

Bwahaha. Oh Ashlee, you're fucked now. Both literally and figuratively.
*laughs* Not only did your legacy post make me chuckle, you get extra points for your icon. ;)
awww he's cute! I was laughing so hard, my roomate got up and told me to shut up... lol... I can't wait to see what happens next.
I really like this! I love the last line too, hahaha.
lol, this wasn't bad at all. The last line was the best, though!

Where did you get Ashlee's hair? I see it everywhere now...

Edited at 2007-12-08 08:31 am (UTC)
It's a Rose Sim pay hair, which can be found at the Booty. The download file can be found here

And thank you so much :)
Ohh thank you to you too!
Before her make over, Ashlee looked EXACTLY like Brittany Spears. They'll have some cute babeez, y'all!
Very amusing. Love the dog. Now I must get a dog for my sims. Too bad they're forever poor.:(

Your icon is great! Haha
LOL at your finder hitting on you :)
Nice legacy! Helios is ten kinds of awesome, and your founder's facial expressions cracked me up.

I wish I could get shots that good. I'm really sucky with the camera. :(
When you said your sim hit on you, I thought you meant he hit on a selfsim of yours... my selfsim got busted sneaking out at night with my fourth generation heir, it was kind of awesome :D
This is not bad at all! I think you're pretty funny :P

And ooooh, prepare yourself for the ridiculously pretty children. Hot blonde downtownie (Ashlee) is renowned for having awesome genes :P
Oooh I really like this one so far! Ashlee (despite her very bubblegum name) is a cutie. And Helios is AWESOME. I would love to have a dog like that in real life.