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As we established in the last update (which, coincidentally, was the first update) Ashlee is Thoroughly Fucked in Every Possible Way. I <3 Sim Babies. Not so found of real life kids. But I digress.

Hai Dagmar. She got less awkward and quite hot with the new defaults. Meet Tristan's Potential Extra-Marital Affair Candidate.

Ashlee makes herself useful.

With Ashlee's money (she was level 9 of the chef career and making $1000+ every work day) I improved the Uniform Legacy Shack into something almost cute.

Ashlee: Congrats for finally making more than your dog!
Helios rocks.

Pop #1 for the Harlequin Legacy!

Aww, Ashlee. Leave The Most Awesome Dog Ever (TM) alone. I think he peed on the floor. Or chewed a piece of furniture they couldn't afford to replace.

Yes, Ashlee, I hope your kids are as cute as you are, too.

So, Tristan was Failing Spectacularly At Life by remaining a Convenience Store Clerk, Ashlee wasn't getting paid on the days off from work and they had $6 and no baby furniture - and the fridge was empty (don't worry; Helios' bowl was full ^_^) so Ashlee started painting to save up for a crib.

Pop! No, I don't know why she changed into her underwear either.

Despite being broke and Tristan being in four different types of motive failure, he still rolled all these wants to interact with Helios. They're bff.

Yes, Helios got promoted before Tristan, despite me having a no friends career hack him being perfectly prepared for the glorious world of professional slacking.

Ashlee continues to earn money to support the Legacy Spawn...

... by scaring the shit out of prospective art buyers.

Apparently the Spawn agreed with my opinion of those clowns, and put a stop to the creation of the monstrosity.
Ashlee: AGHHHH! Something's trying to claw it's way out of my body!
Tristan: Damnit, Sex Consequences!

Tristan: Responsibility, damnit.
Ashlee: Whee! Baby :D
Lexie: Pleasebeagirlpleasebeagirl.

I just thought this was cute. It is a girl - Clementine Harlequin has Ashlee's eyes, Tristan's hair and both of their skintones.

I'm glad they both have good memories of their first baby :) I mean, neither Romance Sims or Fortune Sims really aspire to be baby-daddies and mamas.

And then Ashlee produced This. This being Wilhelmina Harlequin. Same colouring as her twin but, thankfully, not a clone.

Aww. This made me really love Tristan.

He was a pretty good dad, really.

And here's the Ashlee picture I promised last update. She's very pretty under all that make up.

See? A good dad. At least, to Clementine, whom he adores and constantly rolls wants for. Ashlee has Wilhelmina covered in the same way. Damn parental favouritism.

... And then ACR kicked in :facepalm:

Epic Fail. However, since ACR was responsible, maybe I shouldn't count it.

And then a Fight Broke Out between Helios and some dog that totally doesn't to win.

Good thing Helios is the King of Sim Dogs.

For an obsessively clean sim who throws a fit if the bed isn't made, Tristan is disgusting.

Hai ACR, how's it hangin'?
I love your legacy so far, but can I just make a suggestion?

I'm not going to make it yet.. because I want to make sure it's allowed
Absolutely. I'm new to this and I rewrite these updates about four times before I post. Any suggestions would be brilliant.
Those twins are going to be gorgeous! Ashlee's townie type makes good babies with dothesmustle's Sim. I breeded her in too.
Hello M'Dear! This is looking very awesome. I'm glad you're getting into your first posted legacy!

If I may suggest something though, your pictures would looke 110% better if you put the walls up IMO.
hehe, that's just what I was going to say. bout the walls..